Roomonitor supervises for you

A solution for owners and hosts

Protect your property with a comprehensive solution. With our advanced system, you can easily monitor noise levels, temperature, tobacco smoke presence, and crowd density from any corner of the planet. Take control and ensure the protection of your space and the preservation of harmony in the community.

Anfitriones y propietarios - Roomonitor

Next-generation device

Roomonitor monitors the noise, crowd density, temperature, and air quality of your properties. Offering you peace of mind knowing that your property is secure!

Advanced prevention and alerts

Offer peace of mind to hosts worldwide

Roomonitor actúa realizando una gestión táctica de prevención pasiva respetando la intimidad de los huéspedes. En caso de incumplimiento de la norma establecida será detectado por los sensores de última generación del dispositivo y activará su sistema de alertas enviando notificaciones con el objeto de la alerta. Dará lugar a una gestión activa de la alerta pudiendo mediar para solucionar el motivo de la alerta en el menor tiempo posible.

The most effective solution

Avoid unwanted parties, noises, and damages

In preventing disturbances and inconveniences that damage the coexistence of tourist apartments and private homes.

  • Respect guests' privacy
  • Real-time data sent to the app
  • Receive alerts anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Immediate mediation with guests
  • Customizable noise thresholds
  • Exterior surveillance mode
Roomonitor la solución más eficaz contra el ruido
macstudio roomonitor

Hassle-free protection

Easy and quick activation. Simple control.

Roomonitor offers a complete solution to protect your rentals with easy activation and instant access and control from our centralized panel, from any device. Providing real-time information and instant alerts. Our clients can monitor and manage alerts directly or through our remote or on-site assistance services.

Integration with your PMS

Manage your properties from one place

Leave behind working with multiple different platforms and manage all your operations from one place, with connections to the tools you already use.


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