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Guest & Property Services

Roomonitor offers guest service tailored to your needs, available in 24/7 format or, if you have daytime staff, in 19:00 to 07:00 format.

Your guests will always be taken care of and will enjoy their stay. We offer check-in service, handling of requests, and resolution of incidents at any time of the day.

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What do we do and how do we do it?

  • Telephone number for company call forwarding
  • Creation of a personalized protocol for managing your calls
  • Qualified staff available 24/7 for short and medium-term rental management
  • Auto check-in assistance
  • Reception of incidents reported by apartment guests

Global service availability

A unique experience

Service focused on your guests’ satisfaction, ensuring that check-in is a hassle-free process, guaranteeing smooth arrivals for everyone. We are available to aid throughout their stay, ensuring guest satisfaction.

We understand that efficient communication is key to the success of your business. From the first contact to the duration of the stay, we ensure to maintain an open dialogue channel to keep guests happy and your property secure.

You can now avail of this service in Barcelona / Madrid / Malaga / Seville / Valencia / San Sebastian / Paris / Lyon / Lisbon / Brussels /

Opening new locations soon

Night Agents for Guest & Property Services

The solution for managing nighttime incidents

The Nights Agents team will resolve all incidents that cannot be resolved remotely.

Our team of experts trained in managing incidents in short-term rentals will handle any incidents that your guests may encounter.

They will always be available from 19:00 to 07:00, 365 days a year.

Rest Assured

Our service will manage incidents at your properties

Complete management of nighttime incidents is a fundamental part of our commitment to you. Our dedicated team is ready to come to your property and handle any incidents that may arise, ensuring that both your properties and your guests enjoy a quality experience throughout their stay. With us, peace of mind and excellence go hand in hand.

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