Our values

Making our guests better neighbors

We are pioneers in technological development applied to vacation rentals.

Our solution addresses a sector problem and opens up a new range of possibilities for hosts, owners, and guests.

Roomonitor relies on a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. Professionals with experience in various tourism fields apply their knowledge and are trained in each area that makes Roomonitor unique.

Our values drive us to be leaders in the sector.

Our mission

Offering peace of mind to hosts above all

We provide hosts with the peace of mind to maintain civil coexistence between vacation apartments and private residences in their community. By passively assisting guests in adhering to basic coexistence norms within a residential community and through direct mediation, we prevent complaints within the community from arising.

Our Commitment

Bringing guests and hosts closer through technology

Providing effective technology-based solutions to ensure coexistence between vacation properties and private residences within the same community. Offering management tools that allow for immediate action before this coexistence can be disrupted.

Providing efficient solutions based on knowledge, technology, and experience. Offering product R&D, experienced mediation teams, and trained sales advisors to provide solutions in each area of Roomonitor.

We offer coverage in all geographies, time zones, and multilingual service.

Meet our founders

Created with ♥ by tourism professionals

Ignacio Suarez | CEO

Ignacio Suárez


Eduardo Suarez | Entrepeneur & Co founder

Eduardo Suárez

Entrepreneur & Co-founder

Our history

Roomonitor was founded in December 2015, stemming from the experience and issues faced by our founders, Ignacio and Eduardo Suárez, with the aim of preventing any incidents in short-term rental properties using technology that allows for property monitoring and anticipation of any problems.

We have grown as our clients have grown, listening to their problems and needs. That’s why today, Roomonitor is much more than a noise monitoring device. Today, Roomonitor is a global solution to any problem our clients may face, not only preventing but also resolving any incidents in their properties, with a team of experts to address any issues in rental properties.

Our team of experts works day in and day out to ensure our clients can rest easy and expand their business smoothly.

Over the years, we have created an ecosystem of companies working for the sustainability of the STR sector. An ecosystem where we work with our clients for good coexistence within the community.

Today, we are ready to bring all the experience we have gained to the world and bring our global solution to all those companies that believe in and want to work for a long-term sector where the protection of coexistence problems with neighbors is paramount.


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