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Casos de éxito - roomonitor
Caso de exito - Stay Unique

Case study

Stay Unique

Enrique Alcantara, CEO

“And of course, in the noise control segment, party prevention, and real-time monitoring of properties, without a doubt, Roomonitor’s comprehensive solution with its state-of-the-art devices and Alarm Assistant service.”

Case study

You stylish apartments

Ignacio García, CEO

“Thanks to Roomonitor, we have minimized incidents to 2 out of every 1,300 bookings. Now we can affirm that we have a totally reliable external element with Alarm Assistant Night Agents.”

Caso de exito - Stylish Apartments
Caso de éxito - Mun Stays

Case study

Mun Stays

David Lombardía, CEO

“It’s worth noting that during the pandemic with activity closed, Roomonitor allowed us to monitor any suspicious activity in the properties in real-time. From here, Roomonitor has become indispensable for us.”


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