Roomonitor protects your assets

The solution for property managers

Ensure efficient management of your properties with our comprehensive solution. Our advanced system allows you to effortlessly monitor noise levels, temperature, tobacco smoke presence, and crowd density anywhere in the world. With our cutting-edge technology, safeguarding your property portfolio has never been more accessible and efficient.

Dashboard roomonitor

Hassle-free protection

Control temperature and air quality

Securing your property doesn’t have to be time-consuming. We use advanced technology via a SaaS platform to ensure installation and operation are seamless.

We are partners

With Leading Service Platforms

We have partnered with industry-leading vacation rental service providers to offer you the best results for your property management goals.

Roomonitor revolutionizes property management

Efficient management in just two steps

Its system, characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness, can be installed in minutes with minimal maintenance required.

This innovative device eliminates the need for specialized tools or professional intervention. The Roomonitor device can be easily activated in minutes. It comes with personalized assistance to ensure perfect installation and operation.

Moreover, the device’s rechargeable battery enhances versatility, allowing for installation indoors or outdoors on ceilings or walls. Roomonitor not only revolutionizes property management but also redefines simplicity and efficiency in this constantly evolving field.

A unique solution created for property managers

In the realm of property management, Roomonitor positions itself as a comprehensive, operational, and service-oriented solution, allowing managers to save time in managing their assets, mitigating risks, and resolving potential conflicts.

The most efficient solution

Avoid unwanted parties, noise, and property damage in real-time with Roomonitor

  • Respect guests' privacy
  • Real-time data sent to the app
  • Receive alerts anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Immediate mediation with guests
  • Customizable noise thresholds
  • Exterior surveillance mode
Dispositivo roomonitor

Integration with your PMS

Manage your assets from a single platform

Forget working with multiple different platforms and manage all your operations from one place, with connections to the tools you currently use.


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