Noise Detection

Monitor noise levels in real time

Roomonitor offers an advanced solution for real-time monitoring of noise levels, immediately notifying you when sensors identify sound sequences that could negatively affect coexistence.

You’ll be aware of any issues requiring your immediate attention. Our system avoids false positives, such as sporadic knocks or shouts; you only receive notifications when a significant noise event is occurring.

Roomonitor Dashboard

How Does It Work?

Sound Pattern Detection

At the forefront of security technology, Roomonitor introduces a revolutionary solution with its intelligent sound pattern system. This advanced system meticulously analyzes sound variations over a specific period, notifying you only when necessary. Forget about false alarms due to everyday noises like a dog’s bark or a door slam, as our system is designed to discern truly significant events.

You decide how you want to receive alerts about your property. Whether through SMS, a phone call, app notifications, or via email. With Roomonitor, peace of mind and effectiveness come together to provide you with a unique and personalized security experience.

Crowd Control

We alert you if occupancy levels increase

Roomonitor offers sophisticated functionality that allows identifying crowd formation on your property by analyzing signals from its sensors. This information, when profiled, triggers alerts for possible overcrowding.

Unlike exact guest counts, Roomonitor stands out by assessing the likelihood of crowds by integrating with real-time noise monitoring, providing an alert tool to protect your property and ensure the safety and peace of mind of guests and neighbors.

Control de multitud

Our Chip

Temperature and Air Quality Control

Our technology monitors temperature and humidity in real time, providing accurate data about your property. Automatically, you’ll receive detailed information about air quality. Roomonitor will alert you to the presence of tobacco smoke on your property by activating this function on the next-generation sensor. An effective measure to safeguard your home.

Our device lacks a camera, does not record conversations, or store any personal data, ensuring occupants’ privacy. Roomonitor is committed to security without compromising confidentiality.


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