Noise, the main problem of tourist accommodations

Barcelona is the third most visited city in Europe, behind London and Paris: more than 30 million tourists came to Barcelona in 2016. The fact that for some, these are moments of leisure while for others they are times of responsibility, can lead to tensions that make coexistence difficult.

“One of the most common conflicts regarding accommodation generated by tourism is noise; it is not surprising that this is the issue in second place of importance for neighbours, so finding a solution is not easy.

Since December 2014, the City Council’s call centre has handled over 3,000 complaints by citizens regarding noise and disturbances in tourist accommodations, most of them between June and August, affecting about 2,400 accommodations.

We are all aware of the relevance of the ratings in the tourism business and the objective is to minimize the problem and maximize satisfaction. A pleasant local environment makes the experience much more interesting because it brings us a sensation of discovery and cultural contact similar to when we go to a restaurant where there are no tourists.

“Roomonitor’s extensive experience as property managers in the tourism industry led us to develop tools that will facilitate the continuity of our business.

We knew that being able to predict noise conflicts would avoid unnecessary complaints, as well as economic sanctions ranging from € 750 to € 3,000, allowing us to maintain cordial relations with the community of residents, which is essential if the guests are not to turn their leisure experience in a great nightmare for everyone else.

Installation is easy, as we use a plug & play device that does not attract attention and is controlled by programmed software to set a sound threshold that, if exceeded, automatically sends a message to the designated person so that he or she can prevent the noise from increasing and causing and a conflict with the other residents.

Usually, when we are on holidays, we forget that the rest of the world isn’t, and we do not realize that we might be making more noise than usual. A phone call can be enough warning to make people think and return to normal.

Sound Alarm is a tool that provides only advantages for those property managers who want to manage their accommodation efficiently and sustainably, with respect for their surroundings and their neighbours who are, after all, the people that will make the job easy or complicated.

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