How Roomonitor help the Short Term Rentals management. Interview with Esteban Gast from City Stay Aparts

Since how long are you involved in the Vacation Rental Industry ? Which is your career path?

We been working with City Stay Aparts for 4 years now and my self with more than 8 years experience in the Rental Industry. My main background is Architecture & Design and have some studies in Business Management & Hospitality.

How did you know about Roomonitor Noise Alarm?

I came across Roomonitor in a Shortstay exhibition “Can’t remember exactly where and when it was” I decided to give it a go.  It happen that by that time we were looking for a company that could provide this services “Mainly the room monitoring” as some Hotels provide it but the market had big lack of this sort of services for the private industry and as well as prices were incredibly high.

Tell us about the advantages and benefits that Noise Alarm provides to improve your daily management

At the moment we are only using the Room Monitoring services and managing the Alarm calls and communication with our guest directly. But is helping us a lot, preventing issues with other guests, neighbours & other residents; being in the Vacation Rental and working along living residents/neighbours is very important that we respect the tranquility of the places.
The monitors has help us to prevent issues with guests that sometimes forget there are rules in the apartments and that these places should be respected the same way as their own home: Extremely loud talking, Loud Music, etc…

As a Roomonitor user, can you tell us how the Noise Alarm device helped you?

As mentioned before the alarms has help us to prevent mayor issues with guests: In couple of occasions some guests forgot they were on a residential building and after a night of some beers they arrived to the apartment being a bit loud, once we received the alarm notification, we proceeded to contact the guest and immediately they responded and realised about the inconvenience and immediately responded to the call.

Tell us about some experiences in which Roomonitor helped you

Fortunately we only had 2 occasions that we had to call the guest after couple of messages and it didn’t go nothing mayor as it was just some loud TV & music on their phone.
Only in one occasion that the Alarm went off a bit late, “The notification report was only on Medium so it wasn’t too loud”, and we had to charge the guest with penalty/compensation for a next door resident complain. By providing the Report to the Booking Site they agreed on the charges and also the guest agreed that it was an isolated inconvenience and pay the penalty.

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