Tips to manage short-term rentals like an expert

Short term rental

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And short term rentals became an increasingly important part of it. With changing travel patterns appeared platforms that not only popularized the sharing economy but also changed the way people look at travels. Nowadays people search for experiences, they want to be closer to the locals and live like them.

Renting an apartment became an alternative for tourists, as they see this as a way to be closer to the local experience, without loosing on their freedom and privacy.

If you want your short term rental to success, as a host, you need to always stay on top of the things that are happening in your property. Several challenges come with the short term rental management, but they can be all overcome with the right care and preparation.

With our tips, you can make the short term rental management less stressful and more rewarding.

  1. Invest in digital marketing
social media for short term rentals
Image: Roomonitor

Be sure your property can be found and be bookable. Nowadays being on online travel platforms like or Airbnb is inevitable. Travelers are looking forward to booking and have reply instantly.

This kind of marketing includes also promoting your property on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. For modern-day travelers, these platforms are the starting point for planning a new adventure.

Another great idea is having a property’s blog with travel tips, that can direct potential guests to your property.

Luck of time is usually the biggest excuse for not carrying on the marketing. Fortunately, there are many online solutions available on the market, that can help you plan the marketing strategy and managing social media in advance.

As nowadays digital marketing plays a vital role in the hospitality, missing out on it or simply ignoring it might be a big mistake if you want your short-term rental to succeed and stand out from the crowd.

2. Property Management System

property management system for short term rentals
Image: Roomonitor

If you want to manage your property painlessly, the Property Management System is a must. Having an all in one system, from which you can manage all the reservations, availability and prices (and so much more) will gain you an extra time which you can devote to the development of your short term rental.

What is more, most of the property management systems are currently cloud-based, which means that you can have control over your property anytime and anywhere, as long as you have the proper device, such as, your mobile phone.

3. Data intelligence

data intelligence

There is another important aspect of having a Property Management System. It collects and analyzes valuable data, which can help you to develop your property. Knowing the past patterns is a powerful tool, based on which you can build your revenue strategy and help you overcome the low season.

Being in contact with your guests before and after arrival through emails, allows you to collect another valuable information that can help you improve the experience of future guests. Surveys, tracking and replying to the reviews is an essential part of every tourist accommodation.

4. Accommodation monitoring

noise control for short term rentals
Image: Roomonitor

As it was mentioned in the beginning, managing the short term rental comes with many obstacles. And the one that can bring you a lot of headaches is entrusting your property into the hands of unknown people. Noice, parties, loud music become problematic, especially, if your short term rental coexists with the apartments of the local people.

Fortunately, solutions like noise alarm device, help you avoiding above problems and gain you 24/7 control over what is happening in your property. Together with an alarm assistant who will contact the guests in case of the high level of noise, you can forget about sleepless nights.

With the above tips, you will not only manage your short term rental like a pro but also will have more time to focus on making the stay of your guests unforgettable.