Make short-term rentals a better place for tourist and neighbour coexistence

Tourist and neighbour coexistance

Over the years Barcelona has become the capital of tourism. Every year it attracts millions of tourists, thirsty to experience its historical and cultural richness. This, without a doubt, converted Barcelona into the multicultural city.

However, the rising number of travellers visiting the city changed also the landscape of Barcelona and many other tourists destinations. Because of that, as owners of tourist properties, we need to make sure that the coexistence of tourists and local people is based on mutual respect.

For that reason being a short-term rental owner has become a challenge, where promoting a responsible hosting is the key to success.

Being responsible as a host means no only guaranteeing your guests an excellent stay but also keeping a positive and beneficial relationship with the neighbours.

In this article, we will share how you can make your short term rental a better place for both your guests and neighbours through responsible hosting.

  1. Knowing and understanding the local rules and regulations

To make the growth of tourism more sustainable many cities in Europe, including Barcelona, restricted the areas where it is possible to rent an apartment for tourists.

Making sure that it is possible in your building and obtaining the proper license is the first step for building a proper relationship with neighbours of the short term rental.

Making your property a legal short term rental is also a guarantee for your guest to have an amazing experience during their trip.

2. Creating rules for your guests

A vital point of each short term rental is creating rules to which your guests must stick to. Make clear to your guests that they will be staying in the residential area where they share the space with local people. And that means that parties, loud noises and smoking in the building are strictly prohibited.

A good practice is to send the house rules to your future guests, once they have made a reservation. In case they do not agree with your regulations, offer them a free cancellation, so they can have time to find another place, more suitable for their plans.

Another option to prevent from coming unwanted type of guests is setting age limits and not accepting stag or bachelorette parties.

3. Monitoring your properties

Having control over what is happening in your short term rental is beneficial for both you and your neighbours. As a result of having the Roomonitor Noise Alarm installed you can prevent possible misunderstandings between your guests and residents and economic sanctions caused by the noise conflicts.

4. Being part of the community

Preventing the problems and making sure that all the regulations are being met are not the only aspects of creating a peaceful and positive coexistence. Being part of the local life community and active commitment to the development of the area can positively influence your business.

Familiarize yourself with the community, be attentive to any complaints or requests from the neighbours shows that you want to provide a healthy coexistence of tourists and residents.

Make sure that neighbours have and access to the phone number which is available 24/7 which they contact in case they detect something unusual originating from your tourist rental.

You can also encourage your guests to visit attractions less popular between tourists, that are located near the city. This can help to decrease the number of people visiting the city center and will distinguish your offer from the competition.

5. Offering an unforgettable stay

If you establish the high standards of your property, that includes perfects facilities, safety and friendly environment, you will attract the guests that you want to have. Carefully crafted rules, hospitality and personal touches have a positive influence on the residential environment. Don’t hesitate to stay in touch with your guests, making sure you exceed their expectations.

Above points are only a few ideas for the responsible hosting. Having them in mind while managing the short term rental is the base for creating a synchronized coexistence of tourists and neighbours. And do not forget that by providing a unique experience, your guests will recommend your rental to their friends and families, which can result in more respectful tourists in your properties.