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What Is Noise Monitoring and Why Do I Need It?

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You have finally decided to make the wise and financially responsible decision to turn your dwelling into a rental property. (Kudos!) Now, with your newly found entrepreneurial pursuit in full force, you may be wondering how you can possibly keep tabs on your investment without giving your occupants major stalker vibes. Luckily, a little concept called noise monitoring was born, and it continues to ease the minds of property managers all over the globe. 

Growing exhausted from neighbor complaints and noise violations in their apartment building, in 2015, the genius minds of Nacho and Eduardo Suarez combined to create the greatness that is known as Roomonitor. Today, their company has evolved, their sights on the Vacation Rental Industry and urban environments working seamlessly together through the technological advancement of noise monitoring. 

“Hmm, what is this noise monitoring? Tell me more,” you say. Now that we have piqued your interest, let’s take a look at exactly what noise monitoring is and why you need it. 

What Exactly Is Noise Monitoring?

Noise monitoring is obviously, well, the monitoring of noise. Noise monitoring enables property owners to have a comforting peace of mind knowing that noise levels remain under control while they are away. To receive an accurate reading of the noise level, the decibel level is calculated using noise monitoring sensors, which in turn enables the ability for real-time noise control. When noise levels are low, the decibels are low as well. A high noise level will result in a high decibel reading. 

How Can I Benefit from Noise Monitoring?

1 · Help Prevent Property Damage

When occupants decide to throw a party in your property, a snowball effect of sorts occurs that can turn into an utter nightmare. Loud music thumping into the wee hours of the night. Unapologetic banging on the walls. Beer pong and spiked punch spills, leaving stained carpets. Ruined fixtures. Misplaced or stolen items. Not only will you have to deal with repairs, but also cleaning crews and noise complaints from neighbors!

Our smart home technology allows property owners to receive a text message or phone call when a noise alarm is triggered within the property. This way, you can access your property’s noise levels 24/7 conveniently from your phone. (And trust us, you will thank yourself later!)


2 · Determine When Occupants Are In Your Home

With being a property renter comes great responsibility, some of which you will not be around to witness. For example, most cleaning appointments and routine maintenance visits in your rental property will take place without your supervision. This is a crucial component of ensuring that your guests are greeted by a clean, welcoming atmosphere upon arrival. 

On the contrary, some visitors may not be so welcome at your property. Thieves and burglars often familiarize themselves with the routines of property owners, calculating the opportune time to gather valuables unnoticed.  (According to statistics, the average property dollar loss is over $2,000 per burglary incident!) Why leave your property vulnerable to loss and damage when it can be easily protected?  

By using Roomonitor, you will be alerted immediately when invited, or uninvited, guests enter your property. Our noise monitoring technology will potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars down the line. 

3 · Fight False Complaints with Evidence

We all have that one pesky, nosy neighbor. You know, the one that makes every attempt known to man to make coexisting that much more difficult. (Yeah, the one that you are thinking about right now!) Chances are, when you allow short-term tenants to utilize your rental property, that nosy neighbor will try to ruin your guests’ vacation with excessive nagging about trivial matters. Even worse, this thorn-in-your-side of a neighbor may even file a false complaint filled with exaggerated lies on what truly happened at your property while you were away. With noise monitoring sensors, you will know the status of your property at all times. Roomonitor also conveniently provides a daily report so that you always have proof of happenings. Here we have yet another example of how Roomonitor can save you hundreds of dollars with the avoidance of fines and fees!

4 · Show Responsibility As a Neighbor 

By now, we are sure that you are well aware of the fact that building trust and earning the respect of your neighbors is a process. Wouldn’t you hate to ruin that relationship by one incident that could have been under your control? With noise monitoring sensors, you will show your neighbors that you are a responsible property manager who is protective of their property. You will also strengthen your relationship with your community, showing surrounding neighbors that you are serious about the upkeep of your neighborhood. 

5 · Easy Setup and Installation 

Of course, having peace of mind is more than enough reason to give noise monitoring for short-term rental properties a try. (Try adding ease of use to that benefit!) Not only is noise monitoring convenient, but with Roomonitor, it is easy to install as well. The steps for installation are easy as A, B, C!

  1. Locate the best place on your property for your new noise monitoring equipment. (We suggest the living room, since gatherings frequently occur there.) 
  2. Plug the noise monitoring device into the adapter that is included.
  3. Connect Roomonitor to the Wi-Fi.
  4. Begin noise monitoring using your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet! Our system allows you to change it as you see fit based on your personal preference. 

Now how simple is that? No crazy chords and wires or annoying, inconvenient installation process necessary with Roomonitor


Noise monitoring is the new way to ensure the safety of your property without the invasion of privacy. (Because our noise monitoring sensors do not actually record each reading, your guests will not have to be concerned with privacy violations.) By capitalizing on the convenience of noise monitoring, you will save money, strengthen your relationship within the community, and protect the well-being of your rental property all simultaneously. Become a proactive, responsible property manager and prevent a possible catastrophe by using Roomonitor today!