How can bad guests impact your business?

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We all know that bad guests are bad news for anyone with STR’s. However, sometimes the impact they have can be more or less visible and / or complex. Either way, their behaviour can harm your STR business.

We leave you a list with possible situations that may occur due to a bad guest:


We can all, more or less, guess the most obvious ways in which a guest can impact negatively ( We detailed them below) but there is one hardly anyone realises.

Bad guests can increase the time between reservations, that is, between checkout and checkin, since you will have to spend more time cleaning. This would not be necessary if they had been respectful. This on the other hand carries the following point.


This takes time and money. The hours for cleaning can increase the list of expenses quite quickly, and more at these times when we will have to take greater care in cleaning and disinfection.

To clean up the mess left behind by guests, you’ll need to invest in cleaning supplies or more cleaning hours.

Surely you have the best cleaning products and the best personnel to carry out this work, but the bottle of bleach will not be able to do anything against the damages in the property that can be.


One of the biggest concerns is the damage that bad guests can cause in your STR’s.

By this we mean damages that may be caused, such as a burned sofa with a cigarette end, broken chairs, a broken table or burned by cigarettes, broken dishes, etc. All these situations in addition to money to repair or change these stuff, will lead to disappointments and can also lead to loss of reservations for not having the apartment in condition for the next checkin and it can also bring you a bad reputation.


Reputation is of great importance at this time, since in STR´s it can bring significant higher profits.

All of the above situations can make you not do the best job before the next checkin due to lack of time and perhaps this will make your new guests not as satisfied as you are used to.

This can prevent them from leaving a good opinion of their experience. A bad opinion may not affect you as much, but an accumulation of bad opinions can seriously harm your business.


Your first customers should always be the neighbours. They have to feel that your activity will not disturb their normal life.

Bad guests can bring a problem of living with the STR. If the neighbours starts noticing that they usually have problems with living with your guests, they will begin with complaints to cause the closure of your business, as they can´t endure it any longer.

Have you ever heard of those STR´s where a party was held that angered the entire neighbourhood? What about neighbourhood associations and homeowners against STR´s? Yes, no one thinks it could happen to them. But in reality, it can happen to anyone. Even you. If a party full of rude people takes place in your STR, you can become the focus of these associations. This could mean the loss of your permission to rent, the loss of your benefits and even the closing of the business. All this because of some bad guests that you could have avoided.


At this moment you will be thinking about all the things we can do to prevent this from happening…

You can check and filter the guests info to know if he is who he says he is, and perhaps find out what other hosts think of him.

You may think you have a security deposit for expenses or insurance.

But the best thing is always to prevent all this from happening and you have got a very easy solution for that:

Roomonitor Noise Alarm

The first and only real-time noise monitoring solution to protect your property from bad guests causing problems on your property or to your neighbours.

NoiseAlarm monitors in real time the noise in your STR and sends you an alarm when noise patterns detect that a noise problem begins to exist to prevent a party, that could harm your business,  from happening.

The main objective of Roomonitor NoiseAlarm is to detect any noise pattern and pre-empt any problem. The idea is that it does not send you an alarm when the problem already exists, but rather we send it before so you can prevent anything from happening.

And if the problem persists even if the noise has decreased a little, its noise patterns will detect it and send you a new alarm.

Remember to insure your business against bad guests with Roomonitor NoiseAlarm monitoring.

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