How does Roomonitor noisealarm work?

Noisealarm is the Roomonitor solution to monitor the noise of your short term rentals maintaining the privacy of your guests totally safe.
Our plug & play system allows you to start monitoring the noise pressure of your property(s) immediately after receiving and install the sensor.
You just need to plug it into any power socket and connect it to the property’s wifi.

How many devices do I need?

A sensor is normally enough to cover up to 100 m2 surface. We recommend having a device installed in all those places in which people tend to congregate. We are at your disposal for any specific consult you may need about and to provide a tailored solution.

How do I receive the alarms?

Our system will notify you when a noise violation is occurring in the property with an SMS and a Phone Call. You can either notify the guest directly by using our open API and integrate your PMS with Roomonitor system, or pre-assign the number you want to receive the notification.

What do I do if I receive an alarm?

Our recommended action to take is to contact the guest directly and explain the situation over the phone. In most of the cases, guests catch the message and they immediately stop exceeding the threshold. Thanks to Noise alarm graph you will see in real time how the noise decrease. For those cases in which approaching the issue over the phone doesn’t give any result the best thing to do is show up at the apartment.

If you aim a peaceful sleep at night we remind you our alarm assistant service: leave in our hands the alarms calls and we will manage all the noise issues for you.

Can I install the device myself?

Absolutely! The device is plug & play and in less than 5 minutes you can have the noise alarm system ready to monitor. You only need a power socket, a WiFi network and a mobile phone or computer to set up the device. We will be helping you step by step if you need to.

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