Enjoy responsibly with noise detectors

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and therefore a time to enjoy with family and friends gets closer.

Many people decide to spend the holidays in a new place, renting an apartment and wait for the new year to arrive to receive it with positive and new energies.

Did you know that your guests can enjoy your property responsibly without disturbing neighbours or other tenants?

It is very important for your guest to know the area where they are going to stay previously, like what they can do in the neighbourhood, the places where they can go out to party and the general rules of the city to respect the night hours schedule.

As a security measure within the house, we recommend having a device that control the noise level to avoid inconvenience with other neighbours and alert you before something unwanted happens on the property and/or to your guests.

Benefits of having Roomonitor Noise Alarm:

  1. Privacy. The device does not listen or record any sound or conversations. It only works with noise pressure so you can be assured that your guest privacy is 100% safe. 
  2. Alarm effectiveness. When working with noise levels patterns, the system measures the sound pressure. For example, if you allow dogs in your property and they bark once or if a glass of wine shatters, the system is not going to send you an alert.
  3. Real-time monitoring. Roomonitor is the only multi-screen platform that allows you to see in real-time the noise level in your property without having to download any app.
  4. Phone call and SMS. You get a call or SMS when an alert triggers so you can take action on what’s happening in the property. Also, you can configure it to send the notifications to the guest.

If you do not have your Noise Alarm device yet, you can send us an email to [email protected] and get your quote.

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