Smart noise control solutions for
short term rentals

Real time noise monitoring device to prevent noise pollution, damages and neighbor complaints. The most efficient solution to control and protect you business without hassle

Your peace of mind is our priority, because each minute counts.

Real time noise detection

Roomontor allows you to be aware of the noise levels in your short-term rentals all day, every day. Avoid problems with neighbors, other guests and protect your property from damage.

Main features

Noise Monitoring

Monitor in real time your property sound level.


Noise alarm notifiications by call, text message, push notification or email. You choose!


Guests’ privacy is always protected. No cameras or sound recording, we only measure noise levels.

Sound Analysis

Smart noise pattern recognition system. Get notified only when a nuisance is detected.


We offer a wide range of settings to make sure our solution meets your business needs.

Alarm Assistant

Rest easy with our global protection service for all your rentals

Our AlarmAssistant service has been designed to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our dedicated team will take care of all the alarms, noise problems, neighbor complaints or guests emergencies and will keep you informed to ensure you’re in full control of your business.

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Trusted by hundreds of property managers across the globe

"Thanks to Ernesto and the Roomonitor team, we can now rest at ease, as we've found a great service and awesome product to help us manage our growing portfolio effectively, look forward to our continued success together! "

Steve Yarwood

Roomonitor detectors and the complete Alarm Assistant service give us undeniable peace of mind. Roomonitor manages the noise nuisance of our residents end-to

-end and autonomously.Preventive interventions by phone as well as direct visits to our apartments allow to anticipate and avoid before the neighbors complain/go to the time of being bothered by the noise.

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Elise LefoulOperations Manager

Thanks to Roomonitor and their noise detector, we are able to anticipate and manage potential problems as early as possible. The relationship with the

neighborhood has calmed down,our customers are very satisfied, the guards on site are relieved and we optimize our decision making especially when it happens at night. We are very satisfied with the collaboration.

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Margaux VINCENTDirector of Development

Roomonitor and its Alarm Assistant service have changed our lives by allowing us to control the noise in our homes and especially to intervene quickly with tenants in case of noise pollution in order to protect our homes and respect the peace of our neighbors.

Paul LebasCo-Founder

Roomonitor is essential for those of us who want tourist apartments to have a positive impact on the city. It is a commitment to truly sustainable tourism.

Enrique AlcántaraCEO Stay U-nique

The Roomonitor service has been invaluable during this time of extremely low occupation. We have the peace of mind that we can control if/when

someone enters a property and avoid unwelcome squatters.The additional service of the Roomonitor team physically checking on the properties just reinforces that feeling of control. Moving forward to when we have guests again, the Roomonitor devices will continue to give us the control that we need to ensure that our clients are behaving in a respectful way towards other clients in the same building and their neighbours. Being able to contact clients by telephone or WhatsApp within minutes of an alarm being raised means that there is no need for any unwanted disturbances and ensures that the neighbours are respected and have more respect for STR properties and guests. This improves relationships and reassures neighbours that we are acting in a responsible, serious, and respectful manner. Communicating with clients in this way also removes the need to physically visit a property, again avoiding unnecessary physical contact during the post-covid period.

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Angela Watson

With Roomonitor we have total control of our properties. You know day by day what is happening and with its additional night concierge service we have a global

solution that helps us to have maximum control and the best coexistence with neighbors and other guests. Really fundamental to be able to work for a sustainable tourism in Madrid and to protect our properties

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Ines IbañezCeo Mit House

Roomonitor is essential for all of us who want to make a commitment to sustainable tourism and want STR to have a positive impact on the community. It helps us everyday to know what happens in our properties and preserving the safety and good coexistence with neighbors.

Adolfo Meras

I wanted to say great job with these devices, they've done an amazing job so far! Not so much in preventing parties altogether but for letting me know right away before the parties get worse and last the whole night.

“After implementing Roomonitor’s noise alarms, we were able to decrease neighbors’ complaints regarding nuisance significantly, ensuring long-term viability of our business in Dubai. I strongly recommend Roomonitor to all short-term rental operators.” - Tomas Dolezal

Tomas Dolezal

"Roomonitor has helped us to prevent issues with guests that sometimes forget there are rules in the apartments and that these places should be respected the same way as their own home: Extremely loud talking, Loud Music, etc... Excellent Service"

Esteban Gast

We love to help hosts take care of their short term rentals

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