Responsible and sustainable tourism

All industries, from mass-consumer brands to short-term apartment rental management companies, have on their agenda initiatives that promote social actions in pursuit of improve the environment and cohabitation relationships.

Also, new tourists are more aware of the damage they can cause to the nature of the place, as well as to the sound pollution of the environment that causes ecological and social disturbances.

Here are some short-term rental industry initiatives that can help improve the day-by-day lives of residentials and tourists:

  1. Have waste division in your tourist apartment to facilitate recycling, as well as the indication of the collecting points where you can throw the waste.
  2. Point out common areas shared with your neighbors so everyone respects the coexistence rules.
  3. Promote the proper use of elevators and mark a time range for moving suitcases to avoid inconvenience with neighbors.
  4. Monitor the apartment with a noise alert system that is 100% privacy safe for your guests.

Since June of the current year, in Barcelona, a new initiative has born called WeRespect, a label that gives visibility to those owners and managers of tourist apartments that work tirelessly to make the sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly as to coexistence with neighbors. If you want to know more, go to www.werespect.net

Since its inception, Roomonitor has been working to create smart solutions for the holiday rental industry and, together with the Asociación de Apartamentos Turísticos de Barcelona (APARTUR), have led this initiative that propose a solution to the problems between companies Involved in the tourism sector and neighbors to promote respect and coexistence.

This is only the beginning, since more cities like London and Lisbon are expected to join the initiative WeRespect.

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