Smart Locks. Reduces travel and management
of guest check-ins

Roomonitor’s Smart Locks improves your customer service to guests by enabling flexible check-in and check-out periods. It also lets you know if the door is opened without authorization. Smart Lock is easy to install and allows you to continue using the key you have now.

Customer service. Our service offers guests the possibility to go directly to the accommodation without having to wait for staff or first go to an office at another location.

Plug & Play. Roomonitor Smart Lock is easy to install and runs on commercial batteries. It also allows you to continue using the original key, gradually implementing it in your operation and leaving the option of using your current, original key for access.

Security. Any unauthorized access is recorded and can generate an alarm. This improves your security and acts as a check on whether maintenance and cleaning personnel have carried out planned tasks.

Savings. Smart Lock reduces the number of people needed to attend to guests and improves key management by increasing security and avoiding lost key incidents.

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