The most advanced and reliable
solution to have your property under control.

Real-time noise monitoring

Alarm by SMS and/or call

Up to 3 numbers for SMS + 3 for calls


User master view

Alarm call to guest

24/7 Customer Service

API Integration


Real-time data

Roomonitor provides real time sound level information. When an unusual sound pattern is detected, you receive an instant notiļ¬cation.


Receive SMS and phone calls when an alarm is triggered and take action on time to avoid neighbours complaints.

Fully Customizable

From noise sensitivity, to alarm triggers, alerts frequency...you will be able to configure our settings to fit your needs.


Our powerful suite of tools will allow you to control your business all time, no matter if you are using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Daily Report

Receive daily reports to be up to date and check what happened the prior day at a glance.

Privacy Safe

Our sensor does not record any audio or conversation. The privacy of your guest will always be protected.

Smart sound analysis

Our smart technology identifies patterns and alarms are only triggered when needed.

Other solutions based on sound level thresholds trigger false alarms due to being sensitive to daily common noises such as a dog barking or a door slamming.

With Roomonitor, you get alerted only when you need to take action.

A powerful solution for Property Managers

All your properties together

No matter how many properties you manage, you can view them all at a glance, or use our filters to create the view that best suits your needs.

Scale your business

We are ready to help you grow providing the best solutions in the market.

Fully customizable

As every property is different, you can set all system settings individually

Time machine

Get instant reports from any moment since you installed Roomonitor in your apartment. No matter how far is this day.

Get alerted only when there is an issue

We will be calling you to your phone and sending an SMS at the same time. You can choose who up to 3 different contact numbers, so you can be informed, but also your team, your security company providerā€¦

Set Up

Plug & Play

Plug the device using the included adaptor.

Connect it to your Wi-fi

Follow the steps and connect the device to the WiFi.

Start Monitoring

Access the panel to monitor data from the device.

Where should I install Roomonitor?

We always recommend to install the Roomonitor in the living room, where guests use to gather. If you happen to have more meeting areas in your apartment, you can install additional units to ensure 100% noise monitoring coverage.

Technical Information

System requirements

Our web based app works on any device that you could use, no matter if it is a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Our NoiseAlarm can also be configured with any of those devices.

Dimension & Weight

Dimension: 7 x 7 x 2.6 cm
Weight: 58 gram
power cable: 105cm


Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)

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