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The Internet of Things for hospitality industry

Roomonitor provides property managers and hoteliers with innovative IoT tools to manage their tourist accommodation, focusing on issues such as security, energy efficiency, and noise management. Our technology allows you to reduce costs and improve relations with neighbors; it simplifies management and personalizes the guest experience.

To promote the success of our clients by providing them with innovative, complete, and quality solutions that allow them to maintain their business in an efficient and responsible manner that is in line with society and the environment.

At Roomonitor, we believe that technology and innovation are indispensable elements that solve current problems and build a sustainable future.

Our aim is to become a company in which innovation, technological development, and absolute commitment to our customers make us a staple for the industry, resulting in us playing a major role in the international arena.

We also aim to promote the sustainable growth of our sector of the short-term rental industry by fostering a multicultural society capable of growing and sharing.

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