Together for a sustainable tourism.

We support thousands of hosts around the world on a daily basis to make sure their apartments are protected.

We provide them with peace of mind, so they can focus on delivering the best guest experience while growing their business.

But the benefits are way larger than this. All of us, together, are promoting and pushing for a sustainable tourism, strengthening relationships with neighbors, local communities and industry regulators.

Roomonitor was founded in December 2015 by Nacho and Eduardo Suárez, co-owners of a property management company. The  2 brothers, which have an engineering background, were looking for a way to grow their business while taking care of the neighbors of their short term rentals apartments, establishing long-lasting relationships in the local communities they were working with.

The insight was clear: they wanted to ensure their guests were enjoying their stay in the city and behaving properly, so that neighbors could also have good coexistence with them.

While looking for a solution to detect noise issues and avoid parties, and because they could not find any available service, they decided to create it themselves.

After implementing their own solution in their apartments, lots or hosts started to reach out asking for their solution, and this was the signal for them to launch Roomonitor globally.

We love to help hosts take care of their short term rentals

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