Night Agent. Solve any incidents
with our night service

The Night Agent service provides all interested parties (guests, neighbors and administrators) with all the services of your own night staff from 11pm to 7am. With this service you can sleep peacefully knowing that you have people capable of resolving any incidents while you rest.

Night Round. The agent makes a nightly round to check all is well with your accommodations.

Solutions to noise incidents. Our agent monitors your tourist accommodation,  receiving any alarms and notifications, and can resolve them to guarantee peaceful relations with neighbors and authorities.

Proactive screen monitoring. At the first sign of excess noise, our agent visits the accommodation to proactively solve the problem.

Management of any other issues. When the first sign of a potential problem detected, our agent makes a preventive visit.

Neighbors’ committee. We take care of the resolution of any issues with neighbors. For the management of any incidents or questions they have at night, the agent gives them a number to call.

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Llacuna, 162 - 164, Office 304
08018 Barcelona

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00 34 900 834 639
From 09:00 h. to 18:00 h.